It stops your heart.  It can, again start your heart.

  It can tear it apart too.  It can go from one piece to two.

    A pain that will never, never, cease.

           You'll feel like you're falling from the sky.

         Love makes you cry.  It makes you ask why.  It can make you want to fly.  It makes you want to die.

   You'll run all around, you'll get lost and never be found.

       You'll wish you could be buried in the ground.

    You'll get lost.  A ship in the mighty hurricane tossed.

     A intense rain.  An intense pain,

          It gives you fear.  It can make you shed a tear.

         It can be an ice cream, sweet dream, or a nightmare.


            It can make you or break you.

            It can shake you.  It can quake you.

            It can make you care.  It can make you dare.  

         It makes you take a chance, go out on a branch,

          ask a stranger to dance.


       You can fall so far from the sky.  You can cry.

   It makes you ask if you can call somebody on the phone,

          you hate being alone.

    It increases the heart rate, ask somebody out on a date.

It gets out out of bed, thoughts in head.

  It can make you want to get in bed, covers over your head.

           It prevents you from getting any sleep at night.


Love see, makes you think of all kinds of possibilities.

               It, to work, drives you.

                 It makes you feel alive.

     You work hard all day.  You love to come home and play.

                 No more are you alone.

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heatherburns35's picture

Love is a powerful emotion.

Love is a combination of emotions,
Touched by a magic wand.

I believe the touch of magic is what
makes it so powerful. I can make you
It can break you.
Enjoyed reading your love.