He's up.  He's down.

        He's in.  He's out.

        He's all about.  That's what he's all about.

        He's high.  He's low.  All over the home he does go.  He hates to be alone.

    All over the place, all over the space, he loves to race.  You should see the look on his face.

    From the darkness to the dawn.  Sometimes, he's out on the lawn in front.

        He's always on the hunt.

    He loves to see what's going on.

       He'll open every door.  He loves to explore.

        He's on every floor.  He loves to explore.

          He visits every room.  He can really zoom.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About a guy
at the nursing home
where I work.
I hope I'm just like him.

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Lesa Gay's picture

It sounds as if Philip has found his own form of happiness in his coming and goings. Sounds like quite a guy. I wish for him continued speed. LOL