Kathleen in room 402 can be seen.

                    Yes, it's true, she's really blue.

       She lies in bed, with all the thoughts in her head.


                    She has a lot of fear.

                   A tear falls from her eye, as she cries.

                   She wishes it would go away, all.

                   How long must she stay?

                      When can she play?


       She, see was only see supposed to be here,

          a month times three.

        She have a lot of fear, she has been here over a year.

     She just want to get out.  It makes her scream to shout.

All this pain is driving her insane.


              She wishes she was not there.  

               She has seen things.

              The things that happen at night.

             When the lights are not bright.

              The things some people do, horrible but true.

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Lesa Gay's picture

There are so many Kathleen's that lie awake at night within a room that does not resemble home, to wonder if it will all one day end, and they will be allowed to find their lives again. Control taken out of their hands and placed in the hands of another.

Age and disablilty the enemy when they can no longer care for themselves, and family is either not willing, or because of the circumstances of their day, cannot bring them to their own home to give them the feeling of being wanted and loved.

After awhile Dr.'s words of soon begins to be only empty promises and they begin to realize that there is a good possibily that they will pass from this earth in the bad that they lay awake at night and wish was within the bedroom of what had always been home.

My heart goes out to Kathleen and so many other Kathleen's of this world. I know that your field of work is hard and pay is low, but it is a comfort that there is still those who truly care about the people that live within the hallways of broken dreams.

Your work for the elderly and disabled shows your compassion and caring and are among your very best.

Give each of your residents a hug from this poet who also cares.