There's lipstick on my collar.

   My wife will scream and hollar.

  She'll cut my heart with a knife.  

   A divorce she'll want to start.

   She'll take my money and my life.

   I'm in trouble thick.  This makes me sick,

  She'll be with every tom, harry, dick,  

How could I have made such a mistake.  

   She'll never believe it's fake.

    Her, I can't deceive.  I'll grieve.  

   She won't stop, unless several thousand dollars I pay.

    Things are not going my way.  This is the last day.

                 This is'nt my day.

                 She'll hollar and scream.

                 A nightmare from the dream.

    Divorce.  A life way off course.  A life cut with a knife.

              This is the end.  Actions I cannot defend.

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Lesa Gay's picture

This type of thing is very hard to work your way through but it can be done. All it takes, is alot of hollering, mixed with sessions of crying, and the will to try to find your way to trust again.

You have described well what happens for most. Money seems far more the issuein matters of the heart and betrayal. Make him/her pay for what they did. Sad.