Pictures on the walls, I look at them all.

          A life so high, but then it began to fall.        

              I see the pictures with my eye.

            A wedding day, dress of white, a real delight,

       A new life, as a wife.  They looked so happy.      

     Pictures of another time, another place

                      A much happier face.

                   A family, see.  Children, A husband.  Everybody can understand.

                      Moments in time.

                     She's lying in the bed.

                       Years go by.

                       Tears from the eye.

                          She's lying in a bed.

                What thoughts are going through her head?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A patient's room at the nursing home, where I work.

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Lesa Gay's picture

I used to love to look at the pictures on the residents walls in the various homes I worked in. For so many that is all they saw of family and a happier time. Great write.