On a quiet street,

         where the houses are nice and neat.

         Where the scenery just seems to go on and on and on.

         It just seems to repeat.

         There is a couple, that is really fun.

         They brighten up the dark night,

         until up comes the sun.

         They lighten up the day; just being themselves

         is the way.

         They sit in rocking chairs on white and wood.

         As good as the milk and ice cream by Hood.

         A delight; them two.

         Yes, it is very true.

         You can see their glow.

         About them, everybody in town does know.

      To visit them, is somewhere everybody does want to go.

      Them, everybody does care.

      They are as fun as a county fair.  

   They love to talk.

   They will tell stories all night.

   They are really a delight.

   They will tell stories all day.

   All the people visit them and like to stay.

   They are really fun.

  Sometimes, there is fright.

   All of them are a delight.

  Sometimes, they will involve a fight.

  Sometimes, there is gold.

  Sometimes, they are blue.

  One thing is true, their stories never get old.

   They told their stories at school.

   Everybody thought their were cool.

   They have even been on the news.

   On things, they discussed their views.

   It does not matter the weather.

   If it is rain, snow, hot, cold or snow.

   Outside is where they like to go.

       They love to be alone.

       They, in their own zone.

       They love to walk and talk together.

       Birds of a feather.


       Together forever.

       Side by side.

       On golden wings they glide.

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Lesa Gay's picture

Sounts like a really cute and sweet couple. We all have friends that we admire. It seems you have at least two.