Stores that spread rapidly across the country.

      Stores like a migraine in the head.

      Stores that are like an advancing army.


        It's Bigboxification.

        Yeah, Bigboxification.

    An advancing army on a poor, weak, nation.

    An advancing army troops never take a vacation.  

    An advancing army slamming it's enemy agaist a rack.

    An advancing army forcing civilians to pack, or just run.

    lest they be looking at the point of a gun.

    A nation unable to fight back the attack.

    A nation unable to fight back the attack.  

         It's bigboxification.

         Yeah, bigboxification.

     Best Buy, Circuit City, Costco, Big Lots, Home Depot,

     K Mart, Lowe's, Sam's Club, Target, Wal-Mart,

     are just some of the names,

     the armies that throw their enemies into the flames.

          It's bigboxification.

          Yeah, bigboxification.

            Mom and pop operations,

            They have been through it all,

            they just can't compete with

            a down the street mall.


            Mom and pop operations,

     been through the rough, that have been through the tough.

          They thought they had seen it all.

          Now, it seems they wonder if they are cursed,

  a mall makes them feel the force of the wrecking ball.

          destroyed as if they are a feather.

          As if they are a feather.

Mom and pop stores can hear the roars of throng, of the crowds.

The army of soldiers with steel horses

It is this that forces them to

            It's bigboxification.

            Yeah, bigboxification.

         They filled with hope and dreams.

         A rope around their neck, they are tied of the deck

         of their sinking ship.

         A slave facing the punishment of the whip.

          It's bigboxification.

          Yeah, bigboxification.

         Down the street, they can see the gleaming, mall curiousity.

         That leads to their defeat, as beams smash

         their windows.

         They lose cash, and that starts the drum,

         as they become potatos that get mashed.


         Scheming mall businessmen don't care, making sure

         that there, is where people want to be.

         If a store makes a comotion or prays to the high steeple of God, it will not help,

         As helpless as kelp, numbered are their days.

         Malls are as tough as sod and won't not stop

     the siege seeming to have the power of God.

         Their fats are sealed, they become lunch,

      Years of endless dating.

      a tree struck by lightning, once shoppers see the deals awaiting.


      The time is past 12.

      Not even elves can save this mom and pop shop.

      The ball is over.

      The walls fall in.

      Yes, no mom and pop can win.  

      The malls have won the fight, and

      they lead more mom and pops to finally

      turn out the lights on their sight.


         Through their front windows come the beams  

         Smashing, crashing, and gashing.

         Oh, Smashing, crashing, and gashing.


         Mom and pops are drilled, billed, and grilled until

         they are nothing.

         Yes, drilled, billed, and grilldd until they are





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Funny! your obviously very unique in your miscellaneous thoughts and intriguing perspectives.