the end of now

ashes to ashes

dust to dust

so little time

do what you must

promised relief

only leads to more strife

release in a moment

the end of all life

ashes to ashes

living to dead

the same end to us all

to eternity wed

there is peace

in the still

peace you will find

peace from the burden

of owning a mind

in death we are equal

in death we are one

another soul lifted

with the setting sun.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I recently began work at a funeral home, an industry that has always captivated and intrigued me. It is a very fierce moment when you finally realize that you, too, will be there someday. It makes the time you have seem so short and precious, with not a moment to be wasted.

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Its me again margerette....
I haven't visited your works in awhile and I have really missed out. I want you to print a book for me woman! I love all these pieces you write so much! You are by far my very favorite poet!
love ya,