Poems of Sadness

I am locked in the closet

Without any lights

The room gets smaller

Without any hope in sight


I feel the walls closing in

I feel my spirit lift away

It is yet so dark and scary

That I truly don’t want to stay


I try to leave the closet

But can’t open the door

I wonder if anyone will come save me

But my hope has been torn


I only wonder will I make it out alive

Or will I just be left to die

So please door open up soon

I know what the end is….doom!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It happens to anyone with sadness that feeling of everything closing in.  my of coarse is just during a break up or aka "separation" i am going through hoping everything will turn around. 

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Locked in

without a key

or a back way out.

You are gone

and I can not

see you from

my cage.



to a prison

of our making

that left me here

without comfort

or caring while

you are free

to galavant

and be