I ask Myself…


Didn’t he call?






     I ask Myself…


Didn’t he ever call me again?




Didn’t all the time we spent together mean anything?




what about all the talk about our future?




Was it all lies?




Why did he kiss me that way,


     So tender…


     So caring?




Why did he hold me,


     Night after night??




Why did he introduce me to all the people closest to him?






     I ask myself…


Didn’t he ever call me again?




I lie in bed,


     Night after night,


     Letting these thoughts run laps around my brain…


There’s no beginning,


     And no end…


Just ‘round and ‘round…


     Tormenting me




Then finally…










     I ask myself…


Does it Fucking matter why he never called


     Me again?






     Do I keep asking myself why…




I… am beautiful




I… am intelligent




I… am strong




I… am a vibrant ray of sunshine




I… am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a friend…


   And Ii Love my dogs




I… am not defined by a phone call




(I Love you and I miss you, but I can’t waste any more time on you…Peace)

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saiom's picture

a powerful, detail studded poem

all of us billions have experienced rejection or abandonment

... though the pain is the same, the variety of stories is infinite

you wrote a powerful, detail studded poem

thank you





cherie127@yahoo.com's picture

Thank You

Thank you very much for your kind words...makes the post all the more worthwhile...cherie