If allowed a moment inside your heart,

forever - it would belong to me

With each breath taken - I'm adoring you,

on gaining entrance you would see


Held so closely, yet distance is far,

vows on whispers that you never hear

Words of devotion, to continuously hide,

while being voiced - I pretend you're near


Fashioning your life inside my world,

shackled in self - unwilling to set you free

Tomorrow the same as yesterday gone,

garnered images for love - to never to be


Memories in making, shades of my own,

shadows behind tears - longing for your smile

The night cloaks dawn beneath darkened sun,

a future without hope - but a dream worthwhile


Light of my eyes, closed to depression's will,

savoring thoughts that calm my troubled soul

Somewhere to go with beginnings for end,

as you near - silence trumps the dreaded woe




Moments beside you - unable to fulfill,

your heart to never belong to me

With each breath taken - knowing it's true,

when I enter - my death is what I see


© C.E.Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another handful of words.



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bishu's picture

We have to salvage a lifetime from two short moments

A great readpiece friendSmile We have to salvage a lifetime from two short moments.All knit together by GMT and all other Local Times.~Bye Friend~



cevance's picture

Thank you, Bishu.

Thank you, Bishu.