Darkness engulfed the day with looming like night,

solemn remembrance - from beginning to end

Lies the dawn that showered all with purest light,

morning's misting kiss blown to a parting wind


Brightest shimmer from sun faded to gray,

all morrows forthwith - 'neath lusterless skies

Upon pursed lips moist dew becomes sprinkled clay,

the stirring breezes echo our tearful sighs


Assorted flowers align the parlor's wall,

a façade of  beauty,  'till stems and petals dry

Sums of which we are - then death comes to call,

seen shades at a wake, but true blossoms never die




Kindred to whispers from an angel's heart,

blessings of virtue leads final journey's way

Paradise within sight - hallowed souls depart,

new faces for Heaven - gifted eternal stay


Lasting touch of kindness adorned with a smile,

cherished thoughts held dear - forever about you

Taken too soon - but a life so worthwhile,

still striving to follow the glory we knew


© C.E.Vance


Dedicated to that special someone that everyone should have known.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another handful of words and nothing more.

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bishu's picture

Happy & proud to have to have you as a real friend

Just placed an order for your poetry book "Book of Poetry-A handful of Words" from Amazon Smile My sincerest good wishes for your future publications ~A humble friend far away~



cevance's picture

Thank you, Bishu my friend.

Thank you, Bishu my friend. And thank you for becoming my friend on facebook. It's wonderful to have you there.

PeterChristopherRaymond's picture

I love your evocative

I love your evocative imagery. It's so dense and beautiful. :)

cevance's picture

Thank you ever so much.

Thank you ever so much.