Mother's Eyes


 Alight with dreams in a mirroring mist,

beyond each day her children's futures exist

Treasures in plenty for the souls of wise,

comes the whispers from a mother's eyes


Always fresh linens to embellish the beds,

softest of pillows to comfort their heads

With cuddles prompting the peace filled nights,

a last day's kiss graces dawn's purist lights


From cradle until eternity slips away,

her love follows with never a delay

Throughout the years, placed in heart to hold,

reasons for life - she watches unfold


Giving her all in the lull of a song,

counting blessings -- the years pass along

Simplest of things always seemed worthwhile,

prayers were offered on an endearing smile


Laying her head in everlasting rest,

nestled comfort upon an angel's breast

Like the children taken to her own,

the dreams of heaven now leads to home


Mother I see you in my dreaming mists,

throughout my days your future exists

Treasures are plenty for a soul of wise,

I am a whisper from my Mother's eyes


© C.E.Vance

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bishu's picture

Love and respect for the elders

Love and respect for the elders oozes from your poem. Nice. Why not the rose minus the scary scull.



cevance's picture

Thank you.

Thank you.