Homage to child, graces emitting from a star;
wonderment in sky, a gleaming beacon's light
Across sandy dunes, travel men of wise;
paced shadows of three, bearing gifts in the night

A shepherd to flock, prompting journey's path;
inside a stable's berth, kingdom's sanctum lies
Temple of purity, a refuge for repentant souls;
doorway now opened, sanctified in Heaven's eyes

From mother's womb, divine salvation bloomed;
image of Son, holy with Father as one
His destined fate, scourges in morrow wait;
under impending sun, God's final will be done

On arrival's hour, the child is herald in song;
choir beneath halos rejoice a promise fulfilled
Prophecy spoken, unscathed by passing time;
with greeting to dawn, the ordained revealed

Through Glory's might, Christ the savior is born;
resurrection's birth granted to mother's keep
Come followed years, a thorny crown to bear;
From cross on Calvary, the Father turns to weep

Homage to child, celebration of hallowed night;
life everlasting, granted by his final tears
Bundled in swaddle, Jesus, is his name
Heaven's brightest star, founder of Christmas cheers

© C.E. Vance

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This is one of the most

This is one of the most beautiful Christmas poems I have ever read! Wonderful work really made me feel the Christmas spirit! Merry Christmas! Hugss

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Thank you very much. I'm glad

Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it.