Schizophrenic Metaphor

Into the depths of my death,
a world where I reside
Pitch within light’s rising,
Waits the damned for these eyes

Voices from whore’s demons,
giving birth to my demise
Creeping inside are nightmares,
following close in steadily stay

Nowhere inside nether’s reach,
sanctum void of anguished screams
Pleading for cease to calling echoes,
rapture mocks me on my knees

Blood dripped off shepherd’s brow,
granted forgiveness avoids hell’s fate
Gracing solace before your grave,
but angel’s kingdom forgot my name

Condemned to realm of tortured souls,
thoughts exist with constant screams
From left to right an illusion’s maze,
so speaks judgment’s absent proof

Hall of tortures paused in time,
bound by shackles to the wall
Blackened souls to taunt each fear,
grimaced faces become my own

View of world beneath façade,
horrid scenes curse my sight
come wraith of wails to haunt the gaze,
a cast off shroud reveals yours too

Hidden thoughts of screaming dire,
I assume each fear evoked to mind
Repeated in mirrors that never cease,
my madness shouts in constant drone

Formidable foe is touch me not,
I cringe in surrounding’s ominous clutch
Obsessions vex with sieging flood,
clinging tight in the water’s rush

Washing away these tears I hide,
allows no witness for my faults
Approaching near behind my back,
your eyes I feel in constant follow

© C.E.Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A moment from my silence.

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justanotherscreename's picture

You are talented for sure. I

You are talented for sure. I saw this poem as the moment before somebody's choice of life or death. They see into the future of their own death and suffering they will endure as they fear the agony of hell, rejected by heaven. The ending makes it seem as if they survive to live longer hiding their fears or sins, but never feeling accepted. Just leaving my thoughts since this is a great piece of work.

cevance's picture

Thank you for the comment.

Thank you for the comment. I'm glad you enjoyed this handful of words.