Oh this is quick, so steely sharp

It is a scalpel, be cautious when you wield it

It delightfully smites our polarity

Like flesh; it has confessed and resigned

To fall away

The way her worldly costume coyly slides off

Bare shoulders and nape, flexing softest infinity

And incandescent soul-zephyrs like rain.

This is a halo; my visions cast them far

Bubbles into the air, then:

The vanishing burst, phantoms of completeness or

Driftwood in shifting sand, tempestuous red

My heart is not designed to be

Pinned to a pitted black tray beside the weak

Frowned upon, poked and dissected by inexperienced claws.

A disposable carcass that not even ants would want

Nor the rook that glares disdainfully

He has eyes on his back

Protuberances, marble in their starkness

They are the bloodless cut, not blue

Like the chameleon ocean tastes

Burgeoning and withdrawing

Such an accomplished jazz musician

How does he not miss a beat?

Yet the iris-less avalanche is patient; even fossils can be naked

And chrysalises remain forever unopened.

NJP 21/10/2003

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I really like this poem.
i would like to know, why did the poet call it "Glint".?