Empty Of You


There's a slight ticking in my head

the bulb from the closet light is broken

and all I hear is your heart beat.

Swallowing me whole,

determining that I am unworthy

I hear you breathe.

No sky and no earth

I am left uncomfortable in my own skin.

Without our goofy converstions of grapes and cherries

who am I to declare that I'm done?

Don't I know who you are?

I still can taste your tongue on my mouth,

the wet kisses on my lips.

It's a pleasant memory in my mouth

I'll lose it any moment

along with my sincerity.

oh, but the days with you

naked on my bed,

in the warm sunshine.

Bare flesh covering the red comforter

red as blood

as your blood.

I push the new bulb into the socket

pray that you'll come home

now that the light has returned.

And the ticking finally siezes in my head,

but it's still empty,

Empty of you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Come back and chase away all the buzzing!

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