What I Was Trying To Do


I can take the insults every day or so,

feel them burn and sting and let 'em go.

I try to fake a smile for the world,

let them see my masquerade of a girl.

There's nothing left else to know,

Please just let me go.

I can let a few tears escape out,

let them drop and cause more doubt.

I'm still a mess when you left me here,

nothing else to keep me near.

I would have left, if I knew about you.

There are times when I scream too.

Get me out of this place,

let me run from this face.

I want to fly and be free,

be by myself, all by me.

What hurts the most,

is having your memory so close.

I feel you pull away,

The chill at the end of the day.

It's always seeing your smile at night,

when someone else holds me tight.

All I tried to do,

was erase you.

But it didn't work, and you're still here

now I'm stuck in my own fear.

I wish that I could forget,

how it was to be "it".

but it will live on forever.

What hurts the most,

is you now being so close.

I can catch your scent on breeze,

watch myself bend like trees.

Here's to never knowing,

what we could have been.

And here's to always loving you...

it's what I was trying to do.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Is it ever REALLY over?

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