We Don't Exist Anymore

When I close my eyes I remember the US,

pulling apart my ribcage to get to my heart.

I remember the long and dignified WE,

the way we could never stand to be too far apart.

Where did it all go,

the way we would stare each other in the eyes?

How did we fall apart into these big black holes,

waiting to be rescued with time passing by?

There is nothing awaiting me in your arms,

and it kills me to just let myself walk out and away.

But I have to get moving on,

to watch you fall helplessly into harm every day.

I cannot be anyone's savior or god,

cannot help or save you from yourself.

However I will always think about you,

and remember what I've felt.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It won't happen, then it happens, and finally it happened. Now I'm done.

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