Washing the Bells


The sound of bells wanders into my ears

and I know you are watching me.

A thick line of dirt covers my body,

invisible to everyone but you and I.

My hand caresses the cross over my heart

where I swore I would die or fiend the needles in my eyes.

How childish can one girly be?

No matter how much it hurts,

I begged for your return.

The layer of dirt grows, along with your lies.

Cannot find a way to wash it

the marks on my body will not erase.

Bells jingle in my ears as you pluck it from my neck.

Torment me in the form of a simple sound

pulling the ribbon from my neck and shredding it.

"Good bye?" I cry out.

The sense of 'icky' grows on my body

forming into growths and mold to keep the predators away.

I want you back in my arms

until the bell sounds and my body aches for protection.

Slowly the water pours from their arms,

the soap foams from my heart,

and I am naked in front of everyone.

Marks and mold melt off my body and mind.

I fall to my knees,

the weight of a new bell too much to carry alone.

My body tingles from the silky touch of a new towel

soaking in the desire to be free.

Hands pat me down and dress me with confidence.

Morals and values thrive without all the grime.

I stand and the bell sways

clanking and sounding again

and again

and again.

A heart attack ensues and I am paralyzed with fear.

But the hands brush my hair back,

pushing me into the light.

They hold me tight and then release me,

"Fresh and Clean."

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