Ode to A Monster


I wish I had a section devoted to you.

To place you up on a pedastle and turn you for the world.

No one else sees past the pretty exoskeleton you have built.

Only I know what sickness you hold.

I could praise you and show you like a champion,

but it wouldn't be about the real you.

You aren't so hollow on the inside,

just disgustingly flawed through and through.

I felt the pain of watching you fake another smile,

seeing our old friends and not speaking to them.

You stand so high on your soap box,

preach so loudly for the world to hear how great "she" is,

but you never mean it.

The "she" of the moment gets her own section doesn't she?

And that "she" of the moment is as easily removable.

just a quick delete and she's gone.

Those poems you wrote,

the sickeningly sweet words that dripped down my throat

and left those good feelings in my stomach;

they were just another "she" in the section.

I wish I had a section devoted to you.

I'd call it:

Ode to a Monster

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How fitting.

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