Mafia *Warning*

Lead me into life

covered with blood and guilt

blood stained sundresses.

Murdered with

a 35 calibur.

My happiness falls like

a slinky down the stairs,

Drip Drop

Flip Flop.

A shadow cast over the basement

trembling downwards

in a falling motion.

Bullets spray the walls

like watering the daisies,

popping up around the walls in red circles.

Mommy falls down to the basement,

dress getting a dye job from uncle Tony.

Daddy screams, "Maria! Maria!"

Uncle Tony touches my face,

calloused and rough fingers

like the thick lollipops at the market.

His breath is rigid with alcohol.

I run to the stairs where mommy lies gasping

her face pale as the sheets on my bed.

Uncle Tony grabs my shoulder and holds the 35

against my head it's cold.

Uncle Tony pulls another 35 from his ankle,

like he grew spikes too.

Daddy's head feel's the coolness too

only he looks more scared then I do.


I fall to my knees and catch a shower of blood.

What have I done?

Mommy, Daddy...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love being Italian and having everyone think I'm related to the Mafia. Makes for great scare tactics. =]

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