My Black Dahlia **WARNING**

The jagged edge of your blade drags itself

into the slinky flesh of my heart.

Blood squirting out of the 5 inch gap,

your turkey carver dug out my insides.

Leave me here to grasp the carpet edges

staining with my blood.

Endorphines running a fucking marathon inside me,

I've lost the sense to feel pain.

Why don't you just crack me open, doctor?

Spread your hands inside my chest

pull me close and smother yourself in me.

Like those short hours you

held my naked body close.

Whispered fucking love notes,

then tore apart my insides with your malignent touch.

Blood spatered sheets

mixed with your sadistic personality.

Sink that fucking blade into my throat

let it cut me loose,

Like the bodies hanging at the hallows

breezes in the trees where the dead swing

limb to limb.

You grab at my chest,

pulling at my blood filled clothes

stocked with hate and spite.

Fucking kill me already!

Let my lungs fill with the blood that holds love for you

something I'd forgotten I had locked inside.

Your lips brush against the crook of my neck

down to the blood trail of my wicked wound.

Let's end this shit now.

You're immaculate

no surprise as my lids flutter closed,

the last gush of blood rushes through my mouth

and falls down my cheek.

You kiss the rose line.

Lips work their way down my chest,

hands caressing my sides,

dipped in blood

a first for everything.

One last kiss and I'm good to go.

You are flavoured with my blood.

Good bye my love,

your rusty butter knife slits my throat,

I was always prepared to die alone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Look At What You Made Me!!
Song: Hollywood Undead (My Black Dahlia)

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