Who Am I?

Who am I?

Are there people who know?

If a mirror looks me in the face

Will it tell me what I want to hear?

Or will it stumble with the words

Like me?

Who am I?

Am I still that little girl

Naïve and innocent

Precious but troubled

With only a hint of curiousity?

Can a fortune teller read me?

Like the cards she buys

For only $35?

Who am I?

Over time have I become someone else?

A troubled teenage statistic

Just another ragging kid

Bent against the machine.

But can that machine tell me

All the things I need to know

The things that I don’t know?

Who am I?

I want to learn

I want to feel full and popping

Like buttons on a fat man’s suit

After his 7th trip to the buffet.

I just won’t wait to know

Give me the glasses to see it

I’m looking.

Who am I?

Am I really that transparent?

Who is this girl

This person

This thing that I am now?

Does she make sense?

Can I change her?

Like clay?

Who am I?

I want to fall off trees and float around

Making my way to the ground,

Cold and moist.

Maybe I’ll just jog a billion miles

Until I reach some enlightenment

Like Ghandi or Buddha.

Can I do that?

Who am I going to be?

A teacher

A lover

A wife

A mother?

Will I make it?

Does it really matter

Who I am?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

accidents out on the highway, they tell us about when we're young. rescuers working to clean up the crashes before she can see what they've done...

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