Walk On Egg Shells

My lungs are filled with toxic fumes

Of the trust I once had in you.

I’m choking on my own tongue

Trying to find something to say

Look what you’ve done to me

Reduced me to nothing

But a small amount of hope.

I push past the envious crowd

Throwing jewelry and money,

And break into the abandoned house down the street,

Where I am free from your disease.

Quarantines don’t exist here,

In this beat up shack filled with caution tape.

The sun is pushing in my broken glass

Popping the bubble I used to hide in,

On all fours and crying

Don’t say it’s just because you can.

Can’t stop thinking about you

In all your glory

Your hand laced around my throat

Breathing into me your toxic breath,

I was so enamored.

And don’t think I have misjudged you

I’m not the sort of girl to forget.

Admitting to you that I can’t breathe

Would kill me before my absent lungs would

I need some time alone,

Away in my secret home

Where I’ll be just fine.

Thank you for being someone else

Anyway I saw you

Was beautiful

Like a muddy raincoat on an 80 year old man

Who is too tired to stand.

Now I’ve gone away,

You’ll find my heart sitting on a letter

Cursive inking your name

And my swirling handwriting dotting the I’s.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i feel like i'm walking on glass all the time...

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Syahidah Ayub's picture

I like it how you put the words together...like you have some sort of control over them...