To Murder A Saint

She brushes alongside him

Hands dashing gently into each other

She giggles he smiles

They sit for a cup of conversation.

He pays with more than needed

She leaves a napkin

Dotted with a phone number

He walks on with his big business

They hope to see a movie soon.

She invites her parents,

Preps the table with food

Finest on the block

He ties his tie and puts on his ring

She gazes at the bulging diamond

Located on her left hand

He kisses her and holds her tight

They whisper lovely things to each other.

He waits for her white dress to show

Laced and trimmed in her tanned body

She smiles for her new husband

The guests nod and cry

In happiness to the life

They begin to share together.

She cries herself to sleep in her mom’s arms

His bloodied fists bruised her delicate skin

Mother tells her not to go back,

She says she has to

Life wouldn’t exist without him

He knows that she’ll come back

They are suffering slowly.

He brings red roses to her bed

The nurse attending says she is hurt badly

Almost no chance that she’ll pull through

But some how she does

And he promises he will change

She believes him this time

They start again.

She gasps for breath as he chokes hold her neck

He watches her lungs deflate and nods

In appreciation for nature

She cries and tries to fight back

No use in fighting death

Her body goes limp

They will love even into death.

He lays white roses on her grave stone

No consideration for the woman

Whom he loved and whom he killed

She has no voice

She has no pulse

And she is without life.

They are not a They.

He is a murderer.

She is a saint.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'd had the idea... but not the inspiration to write it... glad that changed tho!!

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