Because I Lied

i lied.

once again, i lied.

like all the times,

i lied.

but maybe,

i was confused,

and just maybe,

i needed space.

but i lied.

and now,

i have to take 2 steps back,

when in truth,

i wanted to move forward.

but i lied.

and i don't have something to fall back on,

because i lied.

now nothing is what it seems,

can't remember,

what i wanted to say,

i lied again.

to hide the truth.

ran out of options,

because i lied.

and even liars,

end up in tears.

and even liars,

they bleed too.

because even liars,

are just too scared.

and i'm a liar.

because i lied.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i lied (about hating myself), and now... things seem so unclear.

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