My Beauty

i woke up this morning,

my hair so long and straight.

i thought for sure that i was dead,

and went through heaven's gate.

my face was pale and freckled,

i could see my pink lips.

the mirror reflected my image,

as i grazed with my finger tips.

my body was moderate,

not fat and not obese.

it was porportioned correctly,

and my self hatred had begun to cease.

my eyes danced with bright lights,

as i held my own gaze.

who was this angel in front of me?

i felt in such a haze.

suddenly there was a knock,

on heaven's door.

my mother said if i wanted cereal,

i should hurry less there be no more.

surprised at this reality,

i looked back at what i feel.

one day i'll wake to see,

my beauty oh so real.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i can't ever see it, but people tell me i will one day... let's hope i don't miss use it.

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Gary Fritz's picture

great poem, i just loved reading it and how it just flows so wonderfully, glad your writing again!