Save Me From Your Absence


i walk alone on a dark street,

the air is thick with deception and fear.

how did i become so numb?

you've left me once again.

why can't i find you?

the street lamps are burning out,

just another sign that your gone.

now that i know what i'm without,

i can never forget you.

once again you are my core.

my heart beats faster as my feet shuffle along,

how can you shun me now?

i'm frozen without you,

you are the heat to my icey heart.

don't you understand?

why can't you see it?

you bring me to reality,

set my heart free,

you are my existence.

my heart beat.

save me from this heart break,



i reach the house,

the lights turned down.

i've become undone and unattached.

thank you for noticing.

how can you see it?

you are home.

wake me up from this nightmare.

i'm turning into nothing again,

like everytime you leave.

bring me back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

where were you when i needed you?! why didn't you care the most!? why... all i can think about is why...

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