We've Got Problems

we've got problems.

its not old news.

you hide things,

and i run from my abuse.

doesn't make it easy to live with,

but it doesn't make us bad.

so the fact that you're letting go,

well, its making me really mad.

i love you,

and i say it all the time.

when you say it back,

i actually believe that you are mine.

the fact that you would go,

and walk away without a fight,

leaves me wondering constantly,

if i'm being shut out of the light.

nothing is making much sense,

and it probably will not.

but why do you go so fast?

you leave without a second thought.

so go and spend your life alone,

i intended to spend mine loving you.

i won't give up my feelings,

because love is never through...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i never stop loving you, i guess i'm pretty used to this... but hell, even if u don't come back i'm not gonna want anyone else... guess i'm just cursed that way....

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