at night, the house is quiet,

because all happen to be asleep.

but still i feel a presence,

begin to rise and creep.

a soft and faint glow,

like a long, lonely night.

i cannot explain the feeling,

i don't know if it's right.

my house feels so somber,

as it does feel alone.

now that i'm awake,

i wish that i were gone.

this house cannot sustain me,

and block the memories,

i know i will find them,

and they certainly will find me.

so let the walls pour it out,

i'm waiting, siting here.

maybe all the things from walls,

is exactly what i need to hear.

and if so, then i will thank them,

for helping me learn to grow.

now that faint and glowing presence,

is something that i know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

let the rain fall down on me and soak me to the bone... i wouldn't be surprised if i didn't melt...

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