Never Coming Home

The overwhelming sadness kills any other feeling.

Can’t believe what I know.

What I see.

Where did the time go?

I was just a child, just a child.

I can’t forget him.

I can’t forget

He is never coming home.

Why didn’t I just tell him?



The pain is extrodinary.

Wish it was death, so easy, so simple.

He is never coming home, never coming home.


He’ll never hold me, never…

So wounded, so lost.

If I fall,

Pick me up, pick me up.

So many things that I never ever told him.

Excuses, excuses…

The end of my world,

He is never coming home, never coming home.

If I had just told him,

He’d be coming home, coming home…

All these wounds are scarring me,

Taking me apart and breaking me into pieces.

He is never coming home…..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

when i realized i would never feel your touch again, my heart refused to beat a single beat more... until you had been restored to me...

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