I Am.... (unfinished poem)(Updated)

I Am....

The Girl

-she walks down the hall,

pretending not to be seen at all,

the one with the perfect face,

but you will never see a trace,

always hiding under my hair,

with ratty clothes she always wears,

just trying to get through the day,

please don't stop me and try to make me stay.

let me go, i'm so alone,

let me go right on home,

for i am stuck inside my world,

i will always be that girl

Your Sister

-the child whom you've known all time,

stealing your stuff and calling it mine,

bothering you with daily complaints,

making us out to be sinners or saints,

the kid whom you've known since birth,

who is always concerned with cleaning the earth,

never gives you the chance to cry,

always the kid who holds you tight.

the baby sis who acts all tough,

the little girl who can't get enough,

i am always here for you,

i'm the little sister you can run to.


-Fun and funky with sports galore,

call her up, ready for more,

never giving up at all,

gets right up after she falls,

loves to dance, and play outside,

losing would only happen if she died.

i'm competitive and have an edge,

just your everyday jockette

The Self-Injurer

-Always bleeding and decieving,

crying late into the evening.

the bitterness of the world consumes,

i'm hidig here inside my gloom.

taking the blade against my skin,

giving it time to let it sink in.

feeding on the blood red stains,

tryng to cut away my pains.

too innocent to commit suicide,

to mature to try and deny,

i can't always hide what i'm thinking,

i'm lucky enough to hide my heart beating.

you see me as some emo kid or sad chick,

but your names make it so hard to pick.

which name should i tear my wrists apart to?

just to show that i've fallen straight into you?

with the blood soaking, i stumble and stutter,

just your average, everday teenage cutter.

Your Girlfriend

-Sweet with a taste of mystery,

always something more for you to see,

i keep you guessing day and night,

break you until you cannot fight.

i'm the sweetest thing you know,

but i'll be sour if you go.

clingy, needy, messy too,

but undying devotion all for you.

let me show you i'm the one,

you will never have to run.

we will keep it away from a sweet end,

all if i become your girlfriend.

Your Daughter

-I'm the girl you saw being born,

the who who is jagged and torn,

the child who you left to fend for herself,

not able to deal with all that was dealt.

i'm the kid who needed you the most,

the child who went around lost.

you're lucky that i never strayed,

that i'm a good person who stayed.

i can't believe you would leave me alone,

but as the years pass, i've watch you grow.

now you see that i needed you and you weren't there,

but now that i am all grown up and leaving here,

you want me to stay and grow up again,

just because i'm your daughter doesn't make me your friend.

A Giggler

- The kid who can't stop her uncontrollable laughter,

the one who laughs faster and faster.

can't hide that i laugh all the time,

and honestly i wouldn't mind,

if you made me laugh all morning and night,

so long as your jokes are airy and light.

i like my laughter loud and clear,

or sometimes like it ringing in my ear.

doesn't matter, cuz i like it all the same,

i'm just a giggler who can't be tamed.

Not Done... Added More Tho

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not done... therapy.. finish later...

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