An Exchanging Of Words (Story/Poem)

the emotions flooding my floor splashed my toes.

the water, the water,

all so cold against my skin.

what a shame it had to end this way...

what a shame it had to end.

my skin stung from the burns along my wrists.

the rope dug deeper and deeper,

nothing left to say.

ice cold to the touch, my legs frozen

i sighed and watched the water leak continuously.

my mind already away from here.

such a beautiful picture,

so beautiful indeed,

if it weren't so fake.

the air so fridged and cold to breathe in.

ice water rushing up to my chest.

who ever closed that god damn door?

i can't grasp the reality of this scene.

so pretend, so pretend.

oh, well in fact,

i mean, honestly, who cares?

i sigh and the water floods my mouth.

struggle struggle....

going under, i'm going under.

that god damn door.

time to go,

losing my breath...

so cold...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i chime in with a, haven't you people ever heard of, closing the GOD DAMN DOOR!!??

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