This Love

every touch is so precious,

every kiss, so delicious,

every sigh is divine,

same with every laugh and every cry.

all the whispers of pure delight,

all the phone calls late at night,

all the giggles in my ear,

it's everything i want to hear.

so much love in one caress,

so much left in my mind to redress,

so much hugging, oh so tight,

your words my beacon of light.

the pretty things you tell me so,

make me never want to go,

silly promises we make,

the slow time we like to take.

each memory so fond,

like skipping rocks unto a pond,

laying down in my bed,

with your chest under my head.

hear your heart beating so loud,

makes me feel really proud.

that i alone make you feel,

this amazingly real.

can't find away to show you how,

don't want this feeling to stop now,

with every sweet eskimo and butterfly kiss,

with every touch of your finger-tips,

i will love you forever so,

please my love, don't go,

faithful and loyal too,

i will never leave you.

stay right here by my side,

nothing's wrong, no need to hide,

how we feel is who we are,

and baby, this love will take us far.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wuv andi 2!

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