Deadly Dream

i walk down the long first hall,

and then i take a right.

this reality is getting clearer,

like the dream i had last night.

the door is old and wooden,

with its knots and curves around.

i place my hand on the handle,

but it falls straight to the ground.

the room is full of coldness,

it's bitter with death and lies.

corpses line the walls and floor,

i can see right through their eyes.

why isn't there a savoir,

someone who craddles me from my fears.

the decaying room of bodies,

causes lots of tears.

i cannot stop the rampage,

the war i cannot supress.

but i wish i wasn't so afraid.

my courage i must redress.

floor to ceiling littered with limbs,

the metalic smell of blood.

like swimming in an ocean,

taken over by a flood.

choking on the stench of death,

with nothing to hold it far away.

this darkness is taking over me.

soon it will never be day.

i try to slam the door shut,

on this room full of horror.

but it will not allow itself,

to be hidden anymore.

stepping onto decaying skin,

and all that falls off of it.

i gasp and gag my way past,

my shirt clasped between my finger tips.

this nightmare is so violent,

with a never ending end.

i see this as my glorious defeat,

a conclusion by which to degend.

cannot run away from this thing,

i know i cannot hide myself.

so scared to admitt i'm lost,

much worse then this i've felt.

i push the door back open,

as i scramble out the hall.

running down the staircase,

i trip, tumble, and fall.

obnoxious fumes catch up with me,

they bury deep inside.

now i too am cause to run away,

i'm a good reason to want to hide.

i pant and scream in terror,

this nightmare is enough.

finally my eyes open,

and now i am up.

cold sweat soaks my sheets,

as i lie there in my bed.

visions of that death-filled dream,

play inside my head.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

so magnificent this end is, with its glorious begining attached to the disasterous conclusion....

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Colin McNamara's picture

pretty creepy stuff... really takes the reader step by step through your dream... and makes em want to wake up haha. I like it... almost like some cool short story narrative.