Girl I Love (Story/Poem)

she stumbled her way down the hill,

to where it is that i lay.

her brown hair messed and lazily pulled back,

just the way it always is sunday afternoons.

giggling and falling down,

onto the blanket i laid out nicely.

i opened my one eye to catch a glimpse,

enough to see her smile.

she knelt over and kissed my cheek,

soft lips caressing my skin.

white clouds passing over blue skies,

i didn't say anything to her.

her class had just gotten out,

and she was giddy with joy from it.

the feeling she gave off was priceless,

with it i drew my own strength.

i watched her lay right next to me,

her skirt wrinkled and messy.

my eyes looked her over and then they met it.

on her arms, there were bruises.

i hadn't noticed them before.

thoughts raced through my head,

could i bring myself to ask?

only one way i would ever know.

'what are those?' i asked her.

but when i saw that beautiful smile fade,

i wished i had never asked.

tears welled in her eyes as she looked at me deeply.

her despair was so painful for me to watch.

'does he hurt you?' my voice was hushed.

'are you ok?'

my hand reached over to hers, and it grabbed hold.

her eyes moved away and released their tears,

all along, i was fighting back the guilt.

it all tried to over take me,

with no warning at all.

'i still love you...' i told her,

but she had made up her mind to leave.

college was only in a year, and she wanted to live out of state.

i offered to go,

but she insisted that i didn't.

perhaps she knew what i was thinking,

that she wouldn't be safe where ever he was.

but maybe she didn't care.

either way, she stumbled away from the blanket,

her hair straightened and makeup applied generously.

what happened to the girl i fell in love with?

she left me so long ago.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

such a long way to go until i can finally rest....

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