The Things I Know I Lack

The softness of the night,

It lingers,

So vivid in my eyes.

I cannot replace the memories,

Or the passing distance,

Or the time.

I stiffle my cries inside me,

with their mighty voices screaming.

Dare not disturb the best in me,

Not alone with my heart beating.

The stars flutter over my head,

Their generousity so gay,

All the strength I have is gone.

I musn't survive this duel,

Such a hideous revolt,

So I am swept along.

Wind sweeping my hair over my eyes,

Lacking my respect to those who past.

I should follow suit to all,

No surprises, but lots of tact.

Can I fly away freely,

Can I scream and cry,

These tears that beg me to quiet down?

Will I know myself,

Well enough to say,

That I am the lost one found?

For now this show is playing,

Around my head and back.

These things that I finding myself wanting,

Are indeed, the things I Lack.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i lack a lot of things.... but it never really seems to bother me so much as the things that i have that others hate..... that bothers me much more..

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