My Glorious End

something lerks inside of me.

a thing so unknown at all.

i cannot change the past.

learning this is hard.

with a grip of death upon my neck.

i choke to scream your name.

i know that if in the same position,

that you would do the same.

but this thing inside me hides away.

and it brews and it grows.

i watch them all fade away.

and i guess everyone knows.

they see me all apart.

so entertaining it must seem.

i watch them walk away.

with a not-so-pacient gleam.

eternity might last a while.

and our enemy is time.

but when this nightmare is through and done,

i swear to make you mine.

bearing this feeling.

like dying slowly inside.

i want to drown in my mistakes.

so leave me here to die.

i cannot accept what is given to me.

nor will i try to take.

this love that makes me happy,

this love that makes me hate.

so kill me off right now and here,

before i commit a passionate crime.

because i'm fading away so slowly.

just kiss me one more time.

i'll you with just a good bye.

and then i'll be on my way.

my love, i'll miss you so much.

please don't beg me to stay.

this monster is growing larger.

with nothing to hold it in.

i have to run away now.

before i commit my ultimate sin.

too scared to get hurt.

but not scared enough to not hurt you.

i swear my love, i care.

i promise that i am true.

farewell and see you soon.

god it's so hard to just be your friend.

it's time i made my leave.

it's time for my glorious end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'm so confused.... i don't know what to do with myself.... i just gotta stop and cool down... because this is way to much... myself confusing myself... that is just mean.

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