Kiss Me

My heart beats fast.

So fast, so fast.

Like it's gonna jump outa my chest.

It beats so fast it hurts.

My head is dizzy.

Like a whirlwind in my brain.

Dancing and spinging so fast.

I feel like I'll pass out.

My hands are shaking.

Wobbling and wobbling.

They refuse to stop.

Its like they want to continue.

My body is warm.

With all the energy inside it.

Cannot control the temperature.

Wish it was colder in here.

Your kiss sends me into a fury.

And it keeps me dangling there for days.

The passion and desire that goes into it.

Makes me lose all control.

But I like it.

I like it so much.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

everytime we touch i get this feeling, and everytime we kiss, i swear i can fly....

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