A Few Good Things About You

I spent three years with you.

And it seems like much longer then that.

You are nothing to me anymore.

You are dead to me.

Every time I see you, I can't breathe.

Because of the memories I have of you.

I remember when I was younger.

How stupid I was.

To even think that you were worth something.

But I did.

And I cannot take that back.

You were always there when I needed you.

Holding me tightly against you.

Breathing on my neck.

You knew every trick in the god damn book.

How I hate you know for it!

But I loved you so much back then.

When I was a rebel, you were my ally.

I wanted drugs, you gladly gave.

I wanted alcohol, you gladly served.

I wanted freedom, you gladly offered.

But I did not want you.

You wanted contact, I didn't want to be touched.

You wanted sex, I didn't want to be close to anyone.

You want me, and I refused to give in.

I refused you.

And no one else had.

I was the one who wouldn't fall for you.

I manipulated you.

I tricked you.

I played with you.

And it all came back to hurt me.

You pulled and you pushed.

You forcefully played out my life.

Three fucking years wasting away.

Painful tears that stained my pillow.

All wasted on you.

Worthless you.

Now I live on the edge.

I'm scared and I'm angry.

I rebelled and was caught in a trap.


You told me you loved me.

That you would care for me too.

How could you wish to hurt me so bad?

I waited and waited.

My life seemed to slip away slowly when I was with you.

You have changed.

And my friends tell me you want to see me.

But not after what you have done.

When I think about you I feel sick.

Stomach drops, and eyes water.

I am trapped in fear.

Locked away because you abused me so.

I spent three years with you.

And the only good thing I got out of it,

Was a few good highs,

A long line of hang overs,

And a memory that will never fade.

Guess you were good for something.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hate every piece of your existence in the most unpleasant way...

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