I hide under my covers.

And I wait until the screaming stops.

But the ringing from their voices never goes away.

I climb into my bed.

As they head down the hall.

Another tragic story unfolds in my mind.

Should I run away from it all?

Or should I just end it all right here?

Tears roll down my face as I hear her crying from her room.

I'm only a child though, what good can I do?

The night has fallen over the tiny house.

And I cannot bare this pain any longer.

Should I run away from it all?

Or should I just end it all right here?

His hand connects and leaves a mark in my memory.

Often enough I have heard this sound.

It resonates in my mind.

Just like the bruised skin on her face.

If I could run away from it all,

If I could end it right here...

I would.

But my door flies open.

And I wretched from under my covers.

With the smell of alcohol breathing into my nose.

Now it's my turn to suffer.

With every connection of his fist,

I feel the sadness in my heart grow.

Make it stop.

Turn the clock back.

Rewind time to get out of the house.

To turn her back on his violence.

Then the sun illuminates my room.

The birds sing their happy song.

As I lift myself off the floor.

She comes in, her face covered in blood.

And she holds me tightly to her chest.

I can tell what she is thinking:

If I could end it now, I would.

If I could end it here, I would.

She feels helpless to protect me.

But who could blame her?

Another day starts.

And I feel like I'm trapped within these walls.

Because I can't escape him.

So I hide underneath my covers.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it's sad.... that is all i can say... makes me sad....

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Rachel F's picture

Awsome, familiar, Terrifying, an amazing poem. Great work.