My Forbidden Romance

my heart has been given.

and although it still remains mine.

i am waiting for that person.

and i'll wait along time.

because he is the one i like the most.

and he confuses me a lot.

sometimes i like to look at him.

but i can't ever figure him out.

he laughs at my jokes.

he always has something fun to do.

how can i not want to love,

the one who says he loves me too?

everyone says no,

but we both say yes.

how is it that we both secretly love,

and they put it to the test?

my dream is to find a love.

so befitting to call my own.

a love who loves me so much more.

a love to call my home.

now is he this this, i'm unsure.

but i know him very well.

he is the darkness to my light.

and only time will tell.

time is something so stupid.

something we both don't see.

i want to be with him.

and he wants to be with me.

unfortunently this isn't the way,

that things will turn out tonight.

sometimes we have to be wrong,

in order to finally be right.

my love is very patient.

and my love is very kind.

so when he goes and fucks things up,

he's still going to be mine.

because if no one believed in anyone,

then how would anyone win?

because he is my forbidden romance,

because I believe in HIM.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

time.... lots of time.... and patience.... maybe that will be enough. till then, you are my greatest asset, and my biggest flaw...
(that's a compliment)

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