Only One Life

something inside of me won't fade away.

no matter how much i try to suppress it.

it feeds on the darkness that steadily grows.

everything seems like it doesn't matter.

warmth and hope are so far away.

i can't retaliate against this feeling.

breathing its horror into me.

making me a figment of existence.

each time i look into the eyes of someone else,

all i can see if the disappointment and the fear.

fear of something bad happening to them.

fear of love.

fear of trust.

oh wait, that is my look.

i'm staring at myself again.

pity that i can't control my feelings.

the darkness bites away the light slowly.

but every so softly it grows.

the loud thumping noise rings in my ears.

the sound of my heart beating.

blood flowing through my dying heart.

its a miracle i'm still alive.

but i am still fighting.

still breathing.

because that is all i have.

i only have one life.

and that is not enough.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my perception of reality is sooooo far from what it used to be.... now the green eggs and ham look more real then the lady with the red balloon.

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