The Ledge

Miles up in the ocean blue sky,

There stands a ledge.

A lonely ledge with room to sit.

Room to play, room to jump.

The clouds look lovely from this ledge,

As the boy one day noted.

He looked around the sky, and he noticed the skyline.

It was breath taking, like her face.

His mind could not let her go.

Every perfect groove in her face.

Every dimple when she smiled his way.

A moment of her eyes staring straight into his soul,

Soaking up the darkness and cleansing the evil.

But her smile had faded.

And her dimples didn't show,

Because she didn't smile anymore.

He clenched his fists tightly like a bird of prey.

Tears dripping from his face, dropping onto the crowd below.

Wind whipped agaisnt his face, stinging slightly.

"You know, I love you..." She used to say it so serenely.

He cried out in agony for her.

For every moment he was dragged away from her.

For every remark he said that was mean and cruel.

For every memory of his that had her faces stained with tears.

The night blazed against his skin.

It was cold, like his own heart.

Two legs stood on the ledge, firm as could be.

He wanted to end it, to stop the hurt.

No more suffering.

He would end it, all of it.

And suddenly he disappeared.

No trace of him no where.

Then there was just a ledge.

A wonderful place to reconcile with your fears.

Some where that you can figure out your problems.

Just like the boy.

And you too, will figure out,

That you're life is more important,

Even to those you hurt...

Then the moment it takes to jump and end your life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't do it, please don't end it like this... can't we just sit and talk about it?? or am i just too naive to assume that we can handle it ourselves?

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