I Could Fall In Love With You

i've had my heart broken one too many times.

And you say its ok and its fine.

You promise to be gentle with the trust i give to you.

but when this nightmare is through...

its you that i'm scared of.

because once i give my heart away,

i can't stop the crazy things i'll think up.

and i don't know if its night or day.

i'm jagged with sophistication.

and rough around the edges too.

my mind needs more time for deliberation.

why the hell did you have to make me like you?

i know this story far to well.

an innocent girl meets a boy, that's swell.

but this girl gets involved in horrible things she doesn't want to do.

and then it starts, everything she goes through.

my heart is ice cold around the edge of it.

nothing can melt it just yet.

but determination and patience, and a faithful lover too.

it might just be the thing, to make me fall in love with you...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

perhaps it could happen, maybe, if you try really hard to see what is beyond this false exterior of mine.. it would be swell, ya... totally swell

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