That Look

The way she looks at me.

The things I know she sees.

Its creepy.

And I don't know how to stop her.

Her mind is showing itself right through.

Those porceline eyes of green.

But soon those orbs are turning blue.

And danger lurks through her once more.

Hair of liquid brown, with its shiny bronze.

Hiding her fears and desires.

She's afraid of the things she needs.

And afraid that her passion burns too bright.

No one cares to comment.

But they do all notice her eyes.

The things she says about life.

No one realizes the pain.

She hides herself so well.

Refusing to admitt the truth.

She is scared, and we know it.

But for some reason, we ignore it.

Light burns her blurs of hazel colors mixed.

It shines too brightly, unlike her light.

But I look at her everyday.

She leaves me mesmorized.

I have to look at her, I can't walk away.

She is crying to me, and I can't stop!

Help is what she is screaming.

Thousand depths of her soul yelling out.

Betrayal is a portrait that I see hung in the walls of her mind.

It's hard to agree that she strikes me as normal.

At least to myself she does.

Others think so straight, but her head is out of the box.

One last time I look at her, as I walk out the door.

Her eyes are screaming for revenge.

And I know this feeling so well.

Good Bye, old friend...

I'll see you when I next look in the mirror.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hate the way that i am, and i hate everything about myself, even how much I like me...

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