Wanting You, Wanting Me

Want to hold you.

Through the night.

Want to kiss you.

In the morning light.

Want to hate you.

Like the summer breeze.

Want to love you.

Wind sweeps through the trees.

Want to destroy you.

As much as summer likes the sun.

Want to rebuild you.

Because you've already won.

Want to scream at you.

Like you do to me.

Want to make up with you.

As wide as the horizon and sea.

Want to cherish you.

You don't know the meaning of fun.

Want to tempt you.

Until the strength of you is gone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So I don't know what i want, but i know that wanting you makes me want all these strange things... sound familiar?

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Gary Fritz's picture

love the poem love the title, AWESOME