Do I Love You?

"You asked me if I loved you,

And I hesitated to reply.

I'd rather hurt you honestly,

Then mislead you with a lie."

Let me tell you I love you.

And mean it all with care.

Nothing will ever be the same.

But if I lie it won't be fair.

I swear on my heart I feel something.

What that is, I'm unsure.

This feeling is like a disease.

For which there is no cure.

A silver bullet through my heart.

Might make me feel the shame.

But faking how I feel and hurting you.

Well, that leaves only me to blame.

So let me hurt you honestly.

So I don't mislead you with a lie.

You asked me if I loved you...

And I hesitated on my reply.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I can't think of something that means more then you... and i know you feel the same way... haha

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L J's picture

There is some truth behind those words, yet, it hurts to think about them. Well written.