Its never rained so hard, as it does tonight.

Memories wash in and out of my thoughts.



The rain falls down on my heart.

Each drop a sting of malice.

You left me.

And now I sit here, wallowing...

My pity is warm and fuels the remander of my life.

I wish you were here tonight.

And if you don't come back,

I may loose control.

No one can stand the torment.

So when I cry my lonely tears I understand.

But the day was almost over.

And I never thought I'd loose you entirely.

So the rain falls, and I wait.

Because nothing makes sense anymore.

Gloomy and depressed, the clouds are sad.

All knowing and all seeing has become a curse.

I never wanted this to happen.

My lights are off in my room as I sit.

No mention of the reality I live.

Pretty painted colors of a girl,

Once stood on my walls, now painted black.

And the small hand on the clock has disappeared.

It has vanished with your warm touch.

Simply said you took away my life.

Away into the void of no return.



I'll watch it fall straight down.

The memory of your shadow is burned in my brain.

It resounds like the bells of christmas, which no longer hurts.

No one ever told me it was this hard.

To love someone and be loved in return.

So my face is plastered to the window.

Where the rain starts to pour down.

Tonight the rain pours over Chicago.

It stings like a familiar burning kiss.

And although it isn't acid, it still feels the same.

The window keeps me protect from all of it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You've never loved until that love is lost... and for some they never will.

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Gary Fritz's picture

i love it, a completely amazing poem, im not even going to say i understand what you are feeling because it seems that you have been through a lot more than me, cecilia you are an amazing poet!